Human Waste in Our Hedgerows

As reported in the Worcester News, Sarah Murray found bottles of urine, soiled toilet paper and a cup filled with excrement in the hedgerows on Wainwright Road on a recent litter pick with Warndon Wombles.

Lorry drivers using the area for mandatory breaks in their long journeys are exiting the M5 and parking along Wainwright Road to avoid extortionate charges for overnight stops where facilities are frequently unavailable or out of order. 

When approached by Worcester News, all Worcestershire County Council could say was that it is a criminal offence for anyone to defecate or urinate on public open space or private land and offered to bring the matter to the attention of the police. Sarah has, therefore, started a petition to provide essential facilities for lorry drivers and put an end to the health hazard that currently exists due to lack of facilities.

Please Sign Our Petition

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