Our manifesto for Worcester

This is my Vision and Manifesto for the Faithful City, one that will take Worcester into the future not bury it in the politics of the past.

For too many years our great city has been allowed to stagnate, pulled so far to the extremes of left and right by Labour and Conservative Party dogma that it is difficult to tell the difference between them. I offer a different vision for Worcester, a vision that is full of hope, full of tolerance for each others’ views.

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I will work as hard as I can to see that different vision fulfilled to achieve:

  • Well funded public services
  • A health service fit for the 21st century
  • An integrated public transport system
  • Environmental Policies that contribute to reversing climate change
  • A vibrant business sector offering decent jobs and a living wage to our people
  • A new City Senate that will allow our people to have a regular say in the decisions that affect their lives
  • A new Youth Senate to encourage our young people to help shape our city’s future
  • An education service that is fit for purpose and inclusive for all our children

Welfare and Well-being for all.  A strong voice for the vulnerable.  

I will work hard to stop and reverse the damage to our vital public services.

  • Campaigning for more investment in our National Health Service, hospitals and GP services. 
  • Prioritising resources for social   care and mental health support. 
  • Eradicate rough sleeping and causes of homelessness.
  • Bringing an end to the scandal of dependency on Food Banks for survival.

Environmentally Sustainable and Business Friendly

I   will work hard to make Worcester a centre for sustainable business, to create new economic, environmental and social   wealth for our City:

  • Tackling the climate emergency with a Green New Deal, supporting Worcester businesses to turn challenges into opportunities with like-minded partners in major industry; 
  • Encouraging investment to create jobs and long-term security, in digital media and Artificial Intelligence based industries;
  • Moving towards zero air pollution with an Integrated Transport   and Environment Partnership; bringing investment to create a world class carbon-neutral public transport system; utilising a new river crossing to produce electricity, and creating new business and job opportunities;
  • Encouraging markets and festivals that promote City businesses and tourism.

Respectful. Tolerant. Democratic. A voice for all.

I will work hard to break down the politics of divisiveness, fear and hate that has grown over recent years:

  • Setting up a City Senate where people can be involved in conversation about their hopes and aspirations for the city, take ownership of its future, act in the city’s interests and hold politicians to account;
  • Building trust, respect and mutually beneficial relationships across all sectors of society, paying attention to the special needs of those who are voiceless and vulnerable;
  • Creating a City Youth Senate where young people   may effectively engage in decision-making and help shape the future of our City
  • Working with the Police and schools to tackle knife and hate crime at its roots.

A brighter future for our children.

Improving education and learning will be at the heart of my campaign.

  • Campaigning to fund young people’s work, voluntary and recreational programmes
  • Campaigning for good, well-funded, schools
  • Campaigning for strong support and funding for further education
  • Campaigning to promote life-long learning

Restoring and Reviving Play and Recreation for all. 

I will work hard to ensure recreational opportunities for all, utilising our natural environment, rivers and canals, sensitively and effectively. 

  • To develop opportunities for children to play freely and safely.
  • To celebrate and support our local teams and clubs.
  • To bring Worcester’s football club back to the City.
  • To promote and strengthen Worcester’s cultural life: arts, theatre, music, museums and galleries.

A brighter future – with Worcester at the heart of Great Britain, Europe & the world.