Worcester Lib Dems announce candidates for Warndon Parish South by-election

The Lib Dem Candidates in the upcoming Warndon Parish by-elections

The Worcester Liberal Democrats have today announced that Sarah Murray will be their candidate for the County seat, while Paul Jagger will be their candidate for the City seat in the upcoming Warndon Parish by-elections to be held on 19th October 2023. 

Counsellor Murray is no stranger to residents in Warndon Parish after she was elected as a City Councillor for Warndon Parish North in early 2023. 

With a background in law, teaching and children’s mental health as well as interests involving criminal justice, Councillor Murray works in special educational needs teaching and is a regular volunteer. 

In 2021 she founded the Warndon Wombles, a group of dedicated community volunteers who perform regular litter picking rounds in the ward. The group have recently been made finalists for the BBC Make a Difference awards. 

Whilst happy to be selected, Cllr Murray is sad about the passing of Councillor Andy Roberts which brought about the by-election. 

‘I was really sorry to learn of Andy’s death.  Andy was a long serving, well respected part of our community who will be missed.  

I am proud to serve residents of Warndon Villages at Worcester City Council.  I share the frustrations of my neighbours at the inaction of the local authorities in tackling speeding, car crime and anti social behaviour and I am acting as our area’s representative to tackle this.

I have actively campaigned to end the late night speeding problems and  anti social behaviour that blights our lovely area.

I look forward to the campaign  and to bringing the community together in our shared vision for the future of our local area.’

Paul Jagger was born in York, and has proudly called Worcester home since the early 2000s.

Paul works as a film and television editor where he has learned about the power of storytelling and communication. Paul’s passion extends beyond the editing room, encompassing a deep fascination with technology, from trains and planes to rockets and renewable energy.

He is also half of the formidable Team Jagger with his wife being Claines City Councillor, Jessie Jagger.

Frustrated by the status quo, Paul is determined to shake up the political scene and create positive change within his community.

“I am pleased to have been selected as the Lib Dem Candidate. I will do my best to work for the people of Warndon Parish South.”

With a fresh perspective and an unwavering commitment to progress, I am ready to work for the people of Warndon.” 

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