December Update 2023



By Cllr Jessie Jagger 

Worcester, UK – Exciting developments are underway for children and young people in Worcester as Cllr Jessie Jagger eagerly reports on the progress of the Worcester Play Plan. The plan, approved in July 2023, aims to enhance play opportunities for the city’s youth through various short-term and medium-term projects. 

The Worcester Play Plan was approved in July 2023, with a commitment from officers to provide a follow-up report on phase 1 progress and future pipeline projects.

This plan was the outcome of an extensive consultation process and projects have been prioritised in accordance to need making provisions in areas and age groups with the greatest need fist. 

Short-term Projects: Progress

Cotswold Way

The Cotswold Way project involves creating a ‘play on the way’ route using natural play materials, enhancing the environment for biodiversity, and increasing car parking space by 16 spots on derelict land. Public consultation is set to begin in November. 

Horizon Hub

The Horizon Hub project includes a Youth Shelter, fence height extension to the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) and resurfacing the MUGA with a polymeric surface which does not pose a risk of micro plastic contamination. 

Park Pump Track

The project aims to install a pump track for participants of all ages and skill levels, including adaptive bikes and wheelchairs. Public consultation is ongoing.

Green Lane MUGA

The Green Lane MUGA project focuses on improving the space for the local community, with works including regrading, pathway installation, resurfacing, cycle stands, and more. Funding of £13,850 was approved, with additional funds of £4,822 granted. Work will commence after the land ownership transfer.

Medium-term Projects: Progress

The committee has identified medium-term priority projects that can be delivered over the next 3-5 years. These include “mapping the gaps” for play provision and the development of an all-ages accessible and inclusive destination play venue.

Update for Claines Residents

In Claines, we are lucky to already have many accessible play areas compared with other areas of the city. However, some of these play areas have fallen into disrepair and we are working with the city council to resolved this. 

Perdiswell Play Area are scheduled repairs are already taking place. Residents can expect these improvements to enhance their play experience. Additionally, further information about the Sabrina Play Area will be shared once available.

Cllr Jessie Jagger is enthusiastic about these developments, which are strategically chosen to prioritize areas with the greatest need. The Worcester Play Plan represents a significant step towards creating inclusive and accessible play opportunities for children and young people across the city.

The community can look forward to exciting changes that will benefit current and future generations. Stay tuned for more updates as these projects progress and transform Worcester’s play spaces.

List of upcoming repairs in Claines 

In Claines, we have some specific details about repairs and maintenance for the Perdiswell Play Area and the Sabrina Avenue Play Area. We understand the importance of these play areas to the community, and we’re committed to ensuring their safety and functionality. Here are the details:

Perdiswell Park Play Area

Bush Structure: The bush structure at Perdiswell Park Play Area has collapsed, causing excessive wear to both the pin and hanger. This asset is in a high-use park and requires urgent servicing and repair to maintain its safety and enjoyment for all visitors. The city council team is aware of this and is working to resolve it. 

Spitfire Play Structure

DDA and Entrapment: The Spitfire Play Structure has experienced issues with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliance and entrapment due to the removal of bracing timber and the addition of a bracing bar. These issues need prompt attention to ensure the safety of all users.

Sabrina Avenue Play Area

Roundabout Surface: The roundabout surface at Sabrina Avenue Play Area has been deteriorating, with significant holes in the surface. The condition has worsened, and the hole now extends to approximately 3 meters by 1 meter. This poses an increased risk, and urgent action is required to address the issue.

We are actively working to address these concerns and make the necessary repairs and improvements. The safety and well-being of our community are of utmost importance, and we will keep residents updated on the progress of these maintenance activities.

Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated as we strive to create a safer and more enjoyable play environment for all in Claines. We will continue to monitor and address any issues to ensure these play areas remain a vibrant part of our community.

If you have any ideas of what you would like to see in Claines or further repairs needed to play areas please do not hesitate to contact me at: 

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