Councillor Jagger and her very special Christmas Tree

Cllr Jessie Jagger is ushering in the holiday season with a heartfelt commitment to sustainability by choosing to rent a living Christmas tree. As a dedicated environmentalist Cllr Jagger hopes to give strong support for farmers who cultivate Christmas trees, acknowledging the positive environmental impact of tree farming.

This festive season, Cllr Jessie Jagger has opted for a Norway Spruce, a traditional Christmas tree grown in a pot, symbolising a harmonious coexistence between holiday traditions and environmental stewardship. 

Cllr Jagger said ”I never loved the idea of a plastic tree that will end up in landfill one day, so we opted for a real Christmas tree. Also, I’ve always been hugely supportive of farmers who dedicate themselves to cultivating real Christmas trees. Any tree planting effort is a fantastic contribution to the environment. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling of discomfort about cutting down a healthy tree only to throw it away after a few weeks.”

‘When I heard of the option to rent a tree, I thought it was the perfect solution. The potted Norway Spruce minimizes needle shedding, emits a delightful natural aroma, and eliminates the risk of toppling over, making it a practical and sustainable choice for festive decor.’

“We rented our tree from Roots Family Farm, a local Worcester establishment committed to sustainability, the “Rent-a-Tree” scheme offers a simple and environmentally friendly solution for holiday decor. Customers can choose their preferred size of living Christmas tree. The tree is then delivered to their doorstep in a sturdy pot with a watering saucer or people can collect it. We stuffed ours in our mini!”. 

‘After the holidays, a scheduled pickup takes the tree back to the local tree nurser or the costumer can take it back to its home, where it continues to grow for another year. The following Christmas, the tree is ready to bring joy to another household, completing a sustainable and cyclical approach to celebrating the season and the farmer makes money on the same tree.’ 

Cllr Jessie Jagger clarified, “I am not associated with this business in any way, I just thought this was a great idea and decided to support it. I love that my tree will get to retire and grow old in a forest one day when it gets too big for Christmas”. The “Rent-a-Tree” scheme, individuals can support farmers, minimise environmental impact, and continue the tradition of a beautifully adorned tree in their homes.

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