Councillor Jagger Highlights Oversight on Water Pollution in the King’s Speech

Councillor Jessie Jagger has raised a crucial red flag following the recent King’s Speech, expressing deep dissatisfaction over the notable absence of environmental considerations, specifically the glaring omission of sewage and water pollution.

Despite the pressing national environmental scandal occurring in our lakes and rivers on a daily basis, the Conservative Government’s silence on water pollution in the King’s Speech is a cause for concern.

Councillor Jagger has asserted that urgent attention is required to tackle the degradation of these precious water bodies.

“The absence of any mention of sewage or water pollution is a glaring oversight in the King’s Speech. Our lakes and rivers are under constant threat, and it’s disheartening to see a lack of commitment to addressing these pressing issues,” said Councillor Jagger.

“Water issues are at the heart of our environmental challenges. As we discuss energy security and net zero goals, we cannot afford to overlook the impact of these policies on our water bodies. We need a comprehensive plan that addresses both energy sustainability and the protection of our vital water resources.”

Councillor Jagger underscored the importance of a holistic approach that not only considers emissions and energy security but also places a strong emphasis on safeguarding the health of our lakes and rivers.

She has called for increased scrutiny and a more comprehensive strategy to ensure that environmental sustainability is at the forefront of government initiatives. 

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