Car Cruisers Haunted by Ghostly Ghouls

It’s been eerily quiet late at night recently.

More than a fortnight since all the ghosts and ghoulish figures haunted our streets, residents have been left wondering whether the spooky silence is indicative of certain individuals taking their late-night racing to a new location.

Liberal Democrat City Councillor, Sarah Murray, says she is receiving fewer complaints since the City Council agreed to contact the Home Office and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

She told us, ‘I wrote to the Police and Crime Commissioner about cars speeding around Warndon Villages back in August. His response was far from helpful. Instead, he blamed residents who were driving too fast during the day, completely missing the point about the late-night disturbances.

However, since the City Council agreed to take some action on this, prompted by my motion at the September meeting, we have seen an increased police presence and I have heard barely any complaints about speeding cars.

There also appears to be a reduction in late night thefts from cars. Again, I think this is down to a greater police presence. A response to the City Council from the Home Office confirmed that it is the responsibility of the Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure our policing needs are being met. It feels as though we have turned a corner since taking this positive action and I am happy to have taken the lead on this.

As a result, residents of Warndon Villages are having better sleep at night.’ 

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