City Councillor Joins Calls for Resignation of Home Secretary

Cllr Sarah Murray talks to residents of Warndon Parish North

Cllr Sarah Murray has added her voice to calls for the Home Secretary to submit his resignation following reports that he joked about drugging his wife.

Cllr Murray said, ‘This shocking behaviour just shows that the Conservative party is not fit to govern. People in authority should lead by example. Spiking drinks is not a laughing matter and anyone who finds humour in it, is demonstrating a total lack of understanding of the serious nature of this crime.’

‘James Cleverly is not fit to be a Home Secretary. This is just the sort of attitude that perpetuates violence against women and is something I have campaigned to address at a Worcester City Council through the White Ribbon campaign and my motion for the Council to become White Ribbon accredited. It’s because of men like James Cleverly treating serious issues as a laughing matter that we need to keep raising awareness. We need to keep doing this until men like this finally wake up and realise it’s just not funny!’

Councillor Murray tabled a motion at September’s Council meeting which asked Councillors and staff to take the White Ribbon Pledge to never use, excuse or remain silent about men’s violence against women and girls.

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