Liberal Democrats for Worcester City Council

We are working hard to give you more Liberal Democrat councillors in Worcester City Council. Here are the individuals and teams who are standing for election and campaigning to make our city a better place for everyone.

Mel Allcott – City Councillor for Claines

Mel grew up in Worcester and for the last ten years has been living in Claines with her partner and their family.

She recognises that seemingly small, everyday issues can be what make life miserable or pleasurable for local people. That’s why she has campaigned to sort out planning issues, public transport, bus provision and pavements, as well as taking a stand on issues such as the environment, education and transport.

See Mel’s city councillor website

Sue Carpenter – Ward Organiser for Claines

Sue Carpenter Liberal Democrat Claines

Sue has lived in Claines for over 40 years. She represented Claines on the City Council in the 1990s and 2000s and on the County Council up until 2017.

She served as Chair of the Worcester Liberal Democrats until 2019 and is the editor of the Claines Focus publication. As Ward Organiser in Claines, she is keen to see the local party develop and is working to have, again, three Liberal Democrat councillors for Claines on the City Council. She is recruiting volunteers in the area – are you interested in joining them?

Sarah Murray – Candidate for Warndon Villages

Sarah is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Warndon Parish North on Worcester City Council. She is a teacher in adult education, which puts her at the heart of the community and gives real insights into the diverse wants and needs of the people of Worcester.

She is campaigning for an equal, progressive society which enables all members of the community to participate and fulfil their goals by providing an adequate infrastructure with sufficient affordable housing, reliable transport links and excellent, accessible education for all. As a city councillor, she would protect the green spaces which are highly valued in Warndon Parish North.

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Jon Taylor – Candidate for Arboretum

Jon has lived in Worcester for over 30 years. He is a mental health nurse and lives with his partner on Lansdowne Road.

He is particularly concerned about traffic congestion and pollution in Worcester and will work to help create a fully integrated transport system that doesn’t exclude people from driving in the city, but provides better choices including park and ride with fully connected bus, cycle and pedestrian routes.

Jon will fight to address the housing need in Worcester, including building new properties for social rent with the security of longer tenancies. He will also work to bring the 1200+ empty properties in Worcester back into use.

Want to help Jon win with Lib Dem values in Arboretum?

John Ondreasz – Candidate for St John’s

John was born in Worcester and has travelled extensively, in a career which has included senior roles in TV production and media. He lives in St John’s with his wife and youngest daughter who is studying at Worcester University.

John cares passionately about St John’s and the City of Worcester, the well-being of all who live, work and visit here.

He wants to bring his enthusiasm for the local area, and his business experience, to help with the continuing regeneration of St John’s helping to attract greater economic growth and inward investment.  John would find it a great honour to be given the chance to serve local residents, and represent their views on the day to day issues that affect our community.  

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