Liberal Democrats select Mel Allcott as Parliamentary Candidate for Worcester

Councillor Mel Allcott: Standing for MP

The Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce that Cllr Mel Allcott has been chosen as their parliamentary candidate for the upcoming general election. With a distinguished track record as both a city and county councillor as well as the civic role of Deputy Mayor, Mel brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to public service.

Having dedicated the last decade to serving the city, Mel is driven by a passion for addressing the needs of Worcester. With a focus on putting the community first, she aims to prioritise the interests of Worcester residents above partisan politics.

Mel’s extensive experience as a councillor has equipped her with a nuanced understanding of the challenges facing the city. Her dedication to transparency, accountability and collaboration will be instrumental in driving positive change for Worcester.

In accepting the nomination, Mel expressed her eagerness to work tirelessly on behalf of the community, emphasising her commitment to ensuring that Worcester’s needs take precedence in political decision-making.

The Liberal Democrats believe that Mel’s leadership will bring a fresh perspective to parliamentary representation, one that prioritises the welfare and aspirations of Worcester residents. As the campaign unfolds, Mel looks forward to engaging with the community, listening to concerns and advocating for the positive development of Worcester.

Cllr Allcott said “Worcester matters.  As Worcester residents we have had too many career politicians who make choices on self-interest. Worcester needs a real voice at Westminster and I am the candidate to make sure we have one”

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