Peter has lived on the West side of Worcester since the mid 80’s and has been a School Governor for over 25 years. He is the co-founder of a successful events management agency.

My three children grew up in the City, attended local schools and continue to live and work locally. Although I have spent most of my adult life in Worcester, I grew up on council estates in Exeter and Birmingham and understand from personal experience the trials and tribulations of everyday life. 

I am exercised by the need to create opportunities for everyone in our community to allow them to realise their potential, this includes:

  • Ensuring lifetime access to high quality education and training, creating opportunities for everyone to learn new skills throughout their lives
  • Maximising access to child care facilities to allow parents to return to work to not only continue their careers but also at its most simplistic to be able earn enough to provide for their families
  • Providing high quality affordable homes for all that need and want them, allowing people to remain in the communities in which they grew up
  • Taking practical steps to be inclusive and to call out discrimination that is based on religion, nationality, orientation, gender and yes, even perceptions of ‘class’.

The posh educated people call this ‘improving social mobility’, to me it is much straightforward and that is to create opportunities and to remove barriers to allow people to get ahead for themselves and for everyone to be able to live in a better place.

As a new grand-parent I am even more aware of our responsibility to take care of our environment for future generations, so sustainability should be at the very heart of what we do.

I will be standing for the City Council on 4th May with the ambition to work collaboratively with anyone and everyone to make St John and the City of Worcester an even better place to live, work and to grow up. A vote for Liberal Democrat’s is a vote for a fairer, cleaner, greener Worcester.4


  1. To champion the needs of residents and ensure our communities are consulted
  2. Secure the funding needed to deliver high quality education and training that makes a difference to residents lives and their life chances
  3. Deliver high quality sustainable public transport and reduce congestion across the City
  4. Revitalise our City centre – repurpose shops and buildings that have been closed for years and create high quality jobs for all
  5. To encourage innovation in the delivery of the services to ensure that those with needs receive the high possible support and care

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Peter has three adult children

Favourite Food

Indian Food

Favourite Film


Favourite Book

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy


School Governor, Travel, Photography, Musical Theatre


Bailey Baloo – our family dog

One piece of music chosen by the candidate that they feel sum them up:

The business of running the city is more important than voting for any particular Party out of historic loyalty.

Worcester needs to make positive changes to be able to thrive. If elected I promise you that I will serve the people of St John with independent thought and will seek to implement decisions that are in the interests of everyone.

We live in a wonderful City, let’s make it a better place, together.

Best wishes

Peter Jackson

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