Our Manifesto

What We Want for Worcester

We believe that Worcester and Worcestershire have stagnated politically, showing little ambition.  Liberal Democrats have the will and energy to change this!

  1. Worcester Liberal Democrats want to see Worcester as a vibrant community-focused City with clean air, innovative green industries, and a safe place for residents and visitors alike.

  2. We want integrated sustainable public transport, more green spaces, support for community projects and housing for everyone with carbon neutral solutions built into the specifications.

  3. We want to prepare for the electric transport revolution that is coming and to support the development of alternative forms of transport to the car. This conservative Government castigated the Conservative led County Council’s plans for developing cycling as “lacking ambition”.

  4. We want to see increased rail use and bring back local stations especially for people to commute from the West side of the city. We also want to bring back Park and Ride services.

  5. We also want a city that attracts tourists and has the infrastructure to sustain this.

  6. We want a clean city that encourages and supports businesses and residents to recycle 100% of their waste.

  7. We want to explore innovative parking schemes that prioritise residents and stop commuter on-street parking. We want to prioritise pavements for people not cars.

  8. We want to support entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop and grow, contributing to a diverse economy, especially green, digital and new technology businesses.

  9. We want to see a County that celebrates and supports the NHS, social care and family carers.

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