A letter from your parliamentary candidate

Standing in the city of Worcester where I grew up, I am excited by its potential but deeply concerned with what I see around me. Vulnerable people begging and sleeping on our streets while hard working family become dependent on Food Banks makes me wonder what on earth has happened to our great City. 

Brexit is making things worse, as corrupt and extreme politics is wreaking havoc with democracy. Unless we deal with this now its impact will be felt for decades to come. 

I believe the Faithful City deserves better! 

Our people are calling out for something different, and this General Election is our opportunity to change direction and take a different path. 

Liberal Democrats have a plan for building a sustainable and fair economy in our country. 

  • A plan to properly fund our NHS and schools
  • A plan to combat climate change and protect our environment. 
  • A plan to take a different path, to offer a different approach to the stale old politics of the past. 

For three years Liberal Democrats have fought tirelessly to stop the Brexit mess because of the damage it will do to our country and our children’s future. We aren’t fooled by Boris Johnson’s so-called deal. A deal that won’t end this madness but one that will ensure we are locked into endless negotiations with the EU for years to come. Liberal Democrats know that the only real way to stop this Brexit madness is to revoke article 50 and get on with the things that are really important to our people – and that is exactly what we will do. 

I have a vision for how Worcester can bounce back from the economic woes this government has imposed up us. A vision that takes a different path and offers a brighter future for our community and our children. I invite you to join me and the Liberal Democrats and together we can shape that future. 

Read our manifesto for Worcester