Claines: Let’s bring our community together

Claines is a community where we pull together, so at this time, as well as looking after
friends and family, many residents are doing what they can to support vulnerable
neighbours too. Coronavirus is the biggest peacetime crisis our country has faced in
generations and the situation seems to worsen by the day. It is causing considerable
concern among local residents. We want to make sure everyone knows where they can seek help and advice. The NHS website and BBC news will provide the most up-to-date information. The latest England medical advice is available from the NHS.

If you are concerned about an elderly neighbour or are elderly yourself and think you will need support you can contact Worcester City Council here.

If you have issues accessing official guidance, have any uncertainty about local services, or just need someone locally you can call on please get in touch with your Claines Liberal Democrat Team.

Read more about how you can give or receive help locally.