National Focus – Planning Changes

Late on Wednesday evening, the Government unveiled proposals to deliver new housing by overhauling England’s planning system.   The Liberal Democrats have slammed the proposals.   

The Local Government Association (LGA) Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Councillor Howard Sykes, and Baroness Jenny Randerson, have spoken out against and I am sure, will be the first of many, including myself.   

Please find consultation links below, do review and comment, if this is an issue for you:

Consultation on proposals for reform of the planning system in England

Join our fundraiser – online talk, quiz and social

“The survival, the rise, the fall and the potential future of the Liberal Democrats.”

Mark Pack speaking at York Lib Dem conference - photo copyright John Russell johnrussell zenfolio com

Worcester Liberal Democrats invite you to a fundraising virtual talk and Q&A with Mark Pack, author of ‘101 Ways To Win An Election’ and President of the Liberal Democrats. It will be followed by a fun quiz and social.

Wednesday, 1st July from 7-9pm.

Buy your tickets now for just £10 per person on Eventbrite.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Coronavirus: How to get or give help locally

Many people in our community are looking for a way to help friends, family and neighbours through this crisis.

Your local Lib Dem team is here to help at any time and you can get in touch with us using the contact details here.

In addition, you may wish to get in touch with neighbours to offer help with:

  • Picking up shopping
  • Posting mail
  • Getting urgent supplies
  • Or even a friendly phone call

Remember – Coronavirus is contagious. Please take every precaution; avoid physical contact (2m distance). Wash your hands thoroughly and leave any items on doorsteps.

Remember the reliable sources of information:

Beware of ‘fake news’ and dodgy health tips – the BBC website warns you about these

Let us know how we can help you

Claines: Let’s bring our community together

Claines is a community where we pull together, so at this time, as well as looking after
friends and family, many residents are doing what they can to support vulnerable
neighbours too. Coronavirus is the biggest peacetime crisis our country has faced in
generations and the situation seems to worsen by the day. It is causing considerable
concern among local residents. We want to make sure everyone knows where they can seek help and advice. The NHS website and BBC news will provide the most up-to-date information. The latest England medical advice is available from the NHS.

If you are concerned about an elderly neighbour or are elderly yourself and think you will need support you can contact Worcester City Council here.

If you have issues accessing official guidance, have any uncertainty about local services, or just need someone locally you can call on please get in touch with your Claines Liberal Democrat Team.

Read more about how you can give or receive help locally.

A letter from your parliamentary candidate

Standing in the city of Worcester where I grew up, I am excited by its potential but deeply concerned with what I see around me. Vulnerable people begging and sleeping on our streets while hard working family become dependent on Food Banks makes me wonder what on earth has happened to our great City. 

Brexit is making things worse, as corrupt and extreme politics is wreaking havoc with democracy. Unless we deal with this now its impact will be felt for decades to come. 

I believe the Faithful City deserves better! 

Our people are calling out for something different, and this General Election is our opportunity to change direction and take a different path. 

Liberal Democrats have a plan for building a sustainable and fair economy in our country. 

  • A plan to properly fund our NHS and schools
  • A plan to combat climate change and protect our environment. 
  • A plan to take a different path, to offer a different approach to the stale old politics of the past. 

For three years Liberal Democrats have fought tirelessly to stop the Brexit mess because of the damage it will do to our country and our children’s future. We aren’t fooled by Boris Johnson’s so-called deal. A deal that won’t end this madness but one that will ensure we are locked into endless negotiations with the EU for years to come. Liberal Democrats know that the only real way to stop this Brexit madness is to revoke article 50 and get on with the things that are really important to our people – and that is exactly what we will do. 

I have a vision for how Worcester can bounce back from the economic woes this government has imposed up us. A vision that takes a different path and offers a brighter future for our community and our children. I invite you to join me and the Liberal Democrats and together we can shape that future. 

Read our manifesto for Worcester